Injection molds are created by expert toolmakers with experience in fabricating and designing the tooling. The molds should be built and designed accurately to suit the product’s particular specifications. Toolmaking also takes a lot of time and accuracy in order to produce parts with precision.

At NDDMold, we have expert mold toolmakers that can design and build tools for high tolerance and high-volume production. We also offer solutions to more complex design production problems.

You can contact us for more information about our toolmaking and other capabilities.

Advanced Equipment for Toolmaking

Our toolroom is equipped with advanced equipment such as:

  • Spark Eroding
  • CNC Milling
  • Surface grinding
  • Large Scale Radial Drilling
  • CNC Turning
  • Welding
Advanced Equipment for Toolmaking

Advantages of In-House Toolmaking

Improved Speed

NDDMold can help you during the stages of:

  • product design
  • engineering
  • product development
  • production

Due to that, the lead times for production builds and prototypes will be reduced since shipping the tooling globally will be avoided.

Higher Quality

At NDDMold, we have in-house toolmakers, engineers, and inspectors that can work on-site to make sure that the tooling is constructed to the specifications. They can also prevent quality problems. NDDMold also has DFM expertise. Meaning of that, we have an integrated manufacturing and tool design team. If we are integrated, we can identify the quality and manufacturability issues and fix them throughout the design phase, not after the tool fabrication. As a result, you can save costs and time for product development.

Improved Flexibility

Working with NDDMold will enhance flexibility. NDDMold can give you suggestions or modifications. Therefore, you don’t have to collaborate with many companies to find out whether the change would work. Just inform us and we can give you production and design options.

Lower Risk

There is a greater likelihood of mistakes if many companies are involved. But having a single-source injection molding partner can lower the mistakes that may cost money and make delays.

NDDMold is your injection molding partner with in-house tooling capabilities. That means that the amount of hand-offs and contacts will be lowered. Risks of mistakes and inaccuracy will also be reduced.

On-Site Maintenance and Repairs

To keep on producing high-quality products and preserve the tooling investment, we have regular cleaning, maintenance, and inspections. And to guarantee that the maintenance plan is adjusted to every injection mold’s particular needs, you can find a partner with a manufacturer with tooling capabilities. NDDMold offers fast on-site maintenance and repairs. Therefore, you don’t need to transport from an off-site setting to get these services.

Factors that Affect the Mold’s Cost

Core Metal

To ensure that high-volume injection molds can maintain tight tolerances and endure the pressures of endless production runs, they should be made out of hardened steel. NDDMold builds injection molds made from high-quality hardened stainless steel.

Amount of Cavities

To retain the best output level, we maximize mold cavitation. We usually build 1 mold for each product instead of using a family mold. Building a family mold typically has greater downtime caused by maintenance difficulties. It may also create worse products.

Part Complexity

The complexity of the product influences the mold’s price. That also involves the amount of necessary undercuts and surface finish.

Cavity and Core Machining

All of the molds should be customized. The customizable options include cooling lines, core placement, ejectors, cavities, and more.

Mold Base

This part holds all the components, inserts, and cavities together. The mold base cost is determined depending on the:

  • amount of customization needed
  • kind of steel or material used
  • mold size

One Stop Plastic Injection Molding Expert

We are your one-stop plastic injection molding services provider that offers cost-effective solutions and high-quality plastic components.
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