glass filled nylon injection molding

Glass-Filled Nylon Injection Molding Services

Glass-filled nylon injection molding is a process of producing glass-filled nylon products.

The first step of this process is the reinforcement of the nylon and glass fibers for increased strength. After that, the glass-filled or glass-reinforced nylon will be melted. The melted glass-filled nylon will be then injected into the mold cavity at high pressure to make the required shape. Then, the molded product will be cooled rapidly. Once it’s cooled, it will be removed and will require post-processing.

Glass-filled or glass-reinforced nylon injection molding services are offered by NDDMold at affordable rates. Our skilled workforce and cutting-edge injection molding technology enable us to produce glass-filled nylon products in a variety of complex shapes and designs. Additionally, NDDMold can produce glass-filled nylon products that meet your specific requirements for size, shape, and other specifications.


Main Advantages


Glass-filled nylon components can endure pressure without cracking or bending. That is because they have a tensile strength that is 70% greater than that of unfilled nylon.


The glass-filled nylon polymers are 80% stiffer than regular nylon materials.

Thermal Tolerance

Glass-filled nylon has a lesser rate of thermal expansion than typical nylon. That means that the products made from glass-filled nylon will not easily deform when under abrupt temperature changes. They have a higher maximum operating temperature than the products made from nylon only.

Other advantages of glass-reinforced nylon injection molded products include:

  • Low creep rate
  • High mechanical damping characteristics
  • Improved hardness
  • Good fatigue strength
  • Good dimensional stability
Wide Range of Applications

Aerospace Industry

Our injection molding service serves the aerospace industry by producing aerospace parts such as wing flaps, control rods, and many other structural parts.

Automotive Industry

Glass-filled nylon injection molding can create automotive glass-filled nylon components such as wire housings, fuel rails, engine covers, speedometer gears, wiper parts, and many more.

Consumer Products

Glass-reinforced nylon injection molding can produce different types of consumer products such as sporting equipment, power tools, kitchen appliances, and more.

Industrial Components

Glass-filled nylon is highly resistant to tear and wear. Therefore, it is perfect for producing industrial components such as machine components, bearings, gears, and many more.

Medical Industry

FDA-approved glass-filled nylon can be used for injection molding. Due to that, it can be used for the production of medical tubing, surgical instruments, and other devices.

Glass-filled nylon components for use in telecommunications, construction, electronics, and electrical can also be produced using glass-reinforced nylon injection molding.

Material Options

To create glass-filled nylon injection molded products, we use different grades of high-quality nylon such as:

  • Nylon 66
  • Nylon 6/12
  • Nylon 6

These nylon grades may contain 10% – 50% of glass fiber fillers depending on the application or your requirements.

Material Comparison

Glass-filled nylon parts offer enhanced strength as opposed to PP or polypropylene.

In addition, they are more dimensionally stable and heat resistant than ABS plastic.

Injection-molded products made of glass-filled nylon have more strength than those made of regular nylon.

Considerations for Glass-Filled Nylon Product Design


Glass-reinforced nylon has an abrasive nature. And that may cause wear on the mated and tooling parts.


To find out the mold in stress precisely, you need to have more analysis on the part.


Glass-reinforced nylon weighs 15% more than regular unfilled nylon.

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