Polyoxymethylene(POM) injection molding

POM Injection Molding Services

Polyoxymethylene (POM) Injection Molding

Polyoxymethylene ( POM ) is a type of thermoplastic polymer that is perfect to use in making precision parts such as electrical components, bearings, gears, etc. With its excellent characteristics such as high stiffness, strength, mechanical and chemical, and low friction it becomes perfect for the POM injection molding process.

Polyoxymethylene or POM injection molding is the process of making parts by injecting molten POM materials into a mold and then letting it cools and solidified. It has the ability to precise shapes and complex parts.

Through the help of this, we can create a great solution by making POM products where high speed is needed. Our goal is to meet your request requirements for your business either for your daily needs through the help of injection molding at a reasonable price.

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Why Choose NDDMold for Your POM Parts

High Quality
High Quality

NDDMold makes sure to offer high-quality polyoxymethylene complex parts in order to satisfy your needs.

Highly Scalable
Highly Scalable

We use highly versatile POM materials that are perfect for the injection molding process.

Wide Range of Sizes
Wide Range of Sizes

You can able to choose a wide range of sizes that our company supported which means that all your needs we can meet.


We offer customization depending on your request and with the help of our team, we can fulfill that.

Wide Range of Applications

Polyoxymethylene(POM) Injection Molding parts are used in an extensive range of applications. The common for this are the following below:

Aerospace Industry: POM parts that are made from injection molding are highly applicable in the aerospace industry such as hydraulic system components, valve seats, fuel system components, and others.

Industrial Machinery: Polyoxymethylene injection molding parts are also widely used in industrial machinery for gears, bearings, and other types of components that need wear resistance and low friction.

Consumer Goods Industry: It is also useful in manufacturing consumer goods including household appliances, toys, sporting equipment, and others.

Electronic and Electrical Industry:  For the electronic industry, these POM parts are also highly needed use for connectors, housing components, switches, and much more.

Automotive Industry: In the automotive industry this is also useful for interior trim parts, fuel engine components, etc.

Medical Industry: These polyoxymethylene parts are also useful for the medical industry to make medical devices and surgical instruments, etc.


Melting Point 165°C
Impact Strength 0.7-0.9ft-lb
Hardness level R80°C
Flexural Modulus 265000 psi
Tensile Strength 165
Shrink Rate 2.5%
Specific Gravity 1.41
Liquedying Temperature 180 Degree Celsius
Working Temperature 182 to 218 Degree Celsius
Benefits of using Polyoxymethylene Products

Polyoxymethylene I a type of plastic that is perfect for the injection molding process. It offers great benefits such as:

  • High strength plastic
  • High impact resistance
  • High hardness level
  • High flexural modulus
  • Exceptional durability
  • Heat and flame resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Rigidity
  • Good electrical properties
  • Good environmental resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • Good recovery
  • Excellent sizes stability
  • Wide operating temperatures
  • Organic solvent resistance
Other Name of POM

POM refers to several names either industrial or technical, take a look at the following below:

  • Polyacetal
  • Polyformaldehyde
  • Polyoxymethylene glycol
  • Polymethylene glycol
POM Injection Molding Process

Plastic Treatment: due to its low water absorption, these POM materials can be processed automatically without a drying process but wet materials can be dried at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.

Selection Injection Molding Machines: In this process, we make sure to choose the right machine for POM materials in order to manufacture quality and durable POM parts.

Gate Design and Molding. In this process, we mold the POM materials at a temperature of 80 to 90 degree Celsius.

Molding Process and Speed: It is the process where controlling the speed that is just too slow and too fast to produce ripples and shear overheating.

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