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Product Design

NDDMold works with expert industrial designers in order to produce numerous products for various applications and industries. We often collaborate with in-house engineering and industrial design firms to improve production efficiency and improve product performance.

Product Design
Material Development

Material Development

We have a wide range of engineering thermoplastics and commodity plastic resins to produce products requiring high performance. NDDMold also has testing plastic engineering facilities which help us to develop PP and PE polymers.

Additionally, NDDMold works with one of the best plastic compounders and resin manufacturers in the world. That allows us to develop plastic materials for particular product applications.


NDDMold is your injection molding partner that can take care of the tool design and building. From simple geometry to complex geometry products, we can handle it.

We create molds in accordance with the SPI standards.

For low-volume applications, our expert engineers use family tools that have hand-load inserts for threaded parts and undercuts. Our engineers also utilize unscrewing devices and slides to create threaded components and undercuts.

Automation & Assembly

Automation & Assembly

Each molded product we produce needed to be engineered to incorporate the whole finished assembly.

We include decorating, packaging, and machining at the injection molding machine throughout the cycle time.

When building and designing the tool, our engineers also analyze the product’s cycle time and the secondary processes.

For complicated assemblies that have several components, our industrial engineers will also:

  • design and build the assembly process
  • engineer & build customized fixtures

By doing so, throughput will increase and costs will be lowered.

One Stop Plastic Injection Molding Expert

We are your one-stop plastic injection molding services provider that offers cost-effective solutions and high-quality plastic components.
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