Storage Box Mold

Storage Box Mold

If you are in the plastic storage box injection molding, NDDMold is your trusted partner for the best tooling system.

  • Many injection tooling options are available
  • Highly accurate and 100% tested
  • Custom designs available

Storage Box Mold Manufacturer

As the name suggests, this is tooling equipment used to make storage boxes of various forms and sizes.

Based on the size of the Storage Box part, it can either be a single cavity or a multi-cavity. It can be made of different metal materials like copper, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Types of Storage Box Molds

Whether you want your production to be small or large scale, your choice of Storage Box mold cavity will greatly influence production.

Based on the cavity types and number, we can classify the Storage Box Molds into:

· Single Cavity

When the part size is very big, then this is your choice of cavity especially if you are producing on a small scale. Its structure is simple and basic with very easy maintenance since it is just one cavity.

It is relatively cheap and highly preferred by small-scale producers due to the cost-cutting involved.

· Multi-Cavity

This Storage Box Mold contains numerous cavities in a single mold producing very many similar parts. The part production occurs simultaneously, therefore, ensuring very high production outputs.

Materials Used In Storage Box Molds

There is a limited yet very reliable list of materials that you can use to create your Storage Box Mold. Their quality traits vary but they can be equally reliable in mold manufacture.

A look at some of the metals briefly gives us the following:

· Stainless Steel

Arguably the most widely used metal for making Storage Box Molds. It is cheaper compared to the other materials besides being very strong and durable.

· Aluminum

It is very light in weight and possesses easy machinability. In as much as it produces high-quality molds, its price is relatively cheap and it is readily available.

· Copper

It is a bit pricey when you use it in making Storage Box Molds but the upside is that its quality is exceptional. The molds it makes also tend to be very precise and highly accurate.

· Brass

Just like copper, Brass is also used to make molds that require very high precision and accuracy. The durable mold created forms highly precise and very accurate parts.

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