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Precision Injection Molding

Precision injection molding is a plastic fabrication process where accuracy is the main priority. The process tends to be more specialized and requires high skills. Usually, it is considered a specialized molding process due to the emphasis on zero errors.

Achieving tight tolerance during this injection molding process requires:

  • Careful injection molding tooling design and fabrication
  • Controlling material parameters and process

Of course, all these come at an additional cost. A reason most companies do not venture into precision plastic injection molding. The design injection molding design tool is critical since it prevents the possibility of defects such as burrs.


High Precision Plastic Injection Molding Benefits

Meet Stringent Demands in the Industry

This plastic fabrication technique meets the specific criteria for accuracy and part consistency in machine parts.

Producing Complex Shapes

With the manufacturing technique, you can produce parts with intricate designs for the demanding industrial needs and requirements.

Consistency in Parts Dimensions

Among the key aspects of precision molding are accurate dimensions and consistent sections.

Efficient Part Production

Once you meet the criteria for a high-tolerance part product, it is easier to improve production efficiency.

Choosing Mold for Precision Injection Molding

Precision molding starts with proper tooling design. Among the most common tooling options are steel injection molds or aluminum molds. Even with this, certain variables will ensure you get parts with tight tolerances.

Let’s look at certain vital considerations:

  • Injection mold must be designed by a trained professional with vast experience in precision injection molding
  • Steel alloy molds are perfect for precision molding due to their high mechanical strength
  • Size the mold runners appropriately
  • Choose a suitable thickness for the mold wall cavity, plates in both bottom and supporting sections
  • Consider the mold design cavity
  • Know the number of a mold cavity
  • Testing injection molding tools to ascertain accuracy before mass production begins
  • Mold design should allow for precise temperature control

Precision mold manufacturing is a critical stage that will determine the final finish of your product.

In short, you must choose a reliable precision injection molding machine. It is a sure way to eliminate possible errors that can compromise the tight tolerance.

Precision Injection Molding vs. Normal Injection Molding

Although the normal plastic injection molding process produces accurate parts, precision molding puts more emphasis on accuracy, part consistency, and tight tolerance. That is, precision molding produces parts with very high tolerance and accuracy.

When it comes to cost, precision injection molding parts are more expensive. Of course, this is due to the tooling requirements and strict process control procedures.

Recommended Accuracy or Tolerance

The question of accuracy or tolerance is vital in the precision injection molding process. Although the regular injection molding process can attain a tolerance of 0.02 inches, precision molding offers more manufacturing capability.

At the moment, most OEM precision injection molding companies can achieve tight tolerances such as 0.005 inches. Such high-precision plastic injection molding is quite possible with modern technological advancements.

Remember, there are instances where you can achieve extremely tight tolerances as low as 0.001 inches.

Where to use Precision Molded Plastics

Some industries require accurate parts and components from air intake systems in the automotive industry, computer components, medical equipment such as injection molded surgical handles, and home accessories.

The electronics industry has also benefited from the precision injection molding. In short, you can make any part or component as long you have the right design.

How Precision Injection Molding Works

For accuracy and consistency, precision injection molding puts more emphasis on automation. That is to say – many precision injection molded parts producers are adopting automated systems.

From tooling designs, material processing, and injection molding process, to quality inspection – the process must be devoid of any defects. Ideally, apart from the injection molded part accuracy, dimensional consistency, and accuracy, the other processes remain the same. That is to say:

  • Design and have a technical drawing of the part you want to injection mold with high precision
  • Fabricate precision injection molding tooling based on your part design and configuration
  • Setup injection molding machine
  • Prepare material and feed it into the machine
  • Precisely injection mold the plastic part
  • Allow the part to cool, then conduct a strict quality inspection
  • Where possible, process the injection molded part by adopting recommended secondary operations.
Choosing Material for Precision Plastic Injection Molding

Injection molding tolerances also depend on the material type. Remember, not all injection molding plastics are suitable for manufacturing parts with tight tolerances.

Among the key aspects to consider when choosing material for precision molding:

  • Dimension stability
  • Chemical interactions
  • Temperature and pressure requirements
  • Minimum thickness material can attain

Some examples of materials that have proved functional when it comes to precision plastic injection molding are PC, PMMA, PPS, PEI, ABS, POM, PP, etc. In short, this is a versatile process that can process many plastic materials.

More importantly, you must determine the material shrinkage in the precision plastic injection molding process. A material that has a wide degree of shrinkage is quite difficult to attain the strict dimension requirements.

Therefore, consider a material with very narrow shrinkage – say +/- 0.006 inches can give a tight injection molded part. However, if you wish to achieve an extremely high degree of tolerance, then go for a material with very low shrinkage.

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